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Recap & Reviews/Summer DVD Reviews: 21 Jump Street, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Deadliest Catch, and more

Recap & Reviews/Summer DVD Reviews: 21 Jump Street, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Deadliest Catch, and more

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21 Jump Street - Summer DVD Review -Gotta Finish The Riff
Season 1, episode 6
Valeria – Senior Reviewer

Before he was the most delicious doctor on Sex & The City or a millionaire on Dirty, Sexy Money, and my graduation commencement speaker, he was just your average gang leader. Blair Underwood makes a wonderfully stereotypical appearance in this episode as Reginald Brooks. But this episode begins on a decidedly somber note. Everyone gathers at Captain Jenkins funeral. He’s been killed by a drunk driver. The Jump Street gang is left without a leader and they’re falling apart.

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A Bit of Fry & Laurie - Summer DVD review - Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Crystal – Sr. Reviewer

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are partial to Greek food in this week’s episode of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. The pair is up to their usual comedic tricks this week. In a world that seems full of bad news, let’s see if these two can bring us some laughter.

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Deadliest Catch - Sea of Misery
Original Air Date: June 16, 2009
Jeff P. – Sr. Staff Writer

We are 3 weeks into Opilio Season and the fleet has an uninvited guest coming their way in the form of an Arctic ice pack. (And I’m not talking about the Wonder Twins).

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Keen Eddie - Summer DVD Review - Achtung Baby
Season 1, Episode 3
Nicola – Associate Staff Writer

Opera diva Liese Kohl sits terrified in her hotel room as the British equivalent of a SWAT team stands poised and ready. The lobby is staked out, and everyone is prepared for the worst as a courier brings a package to Liese’s room. The box contains her dog, stuffed, and a vaguely sinister love note. The courier knows nothing about the man who sent it, only a vague description.

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Sports Night - Summer DVD Reviews - The Hungry and the Hunted
Season 1, Episode 3
JD & Brittany W.- Associate Staff Writers

This week on Sports Night: Jeremy is getting the call, Natalie makes Dan and Casey play musical cars, and Dana has a date with a Gordon who is decidedly not Gordon Liddy or Gordon Lightfoot.

This is JD along side Brittany W. Those stories, and more, under the link.

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Strangers With Candy - Summer DVD Review - A Burden’s Burden
Season 1, Episode 2
Theresa – Staff Writer

This episode begins the story of one of history’s greatest star-crossed tragic couples: Chuck Noblet and Geoffrey Jellinek. From their first enchanted encounter in the men’s bathroom, amidst the romantic tinkling sounds of the longest shared urinal visit ever, they knew it was meant to be.

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